Are You Losing Out To Competitors Because You’re Still Not ISO Certified?

When looking at what the key benefits are of having an ISO Certification it is easy to see why businesses want it.

ISO is not just for huge corporations; it is aimed at any size business, any organisation across multiple sectors. It demonstrates to other companies that your business is striving to continually improve and is a customer focussed business. It shows you have processes, policies and procedures in your management system where ISO is the “authority” that is internationally recognised.  

Those businesses who have not yet entertained the notion of looking into ISO’s are missing out on government contracts both home and abroad which will propel your business ahead of your competition. It’s not all about money, it’s about reputation, customer satisfaction, business improvement and a content workforce. Your staff will become more satisfied and motivated once there are defined roles and responsibilities.  Top management become accountable and provide an established training procedure with a well-defined picture on how the roles of the employees affect the overall success of the business. Imagine having a government contract after the implementation of an ISO which will definitely provide your existing customers with the evidence that you are improving as a business. 

ISO Certification allows you to take control of the process of your products or services which will improve the desired results to meet the customer’s needs. ISO assists with the reduction of failures in the quality of what you provide. Once you have achieved certification and the processes are established there will be guidelines which can be easily followed by anyone, making it easy to provide training, transitions and even for troubleshooting purpose. Design and development, planning will reduce risks to the business when adopting the ISO methodology as it will identify pitfalls, give confidence on the inspection and sign off of your product or service.  This will lead to repeat business from current clients and increase productivity while building better relationships with stakeholders and suppliers, increasing profits through higher sales and providing a better product or service. Your ISO management system will have proper documentation of all processes, and changes made errors or discrepancies, it helps mitigate problems, and provides stability. Your staff is more accountable as documentation also guarantees that traceable records are available in case of non-compliant products or raw materials. With documented information your processes become consistent; there is a reduced change of errors and with research and development, covering production, outward goods are well documented. to ensure maximum efficiency.

Achieving certification may open doors to different suppliers to select a competitive price without losing out on the quality you provide on your product or service. Building strong relationships with suppliers and customer is the key to the success of any business because if there are changes in the design or development and testing of your product or service then changes can happen a lot smoother. Being certified to ISO puts documented processes in place to easily identify the required changes in advance or reduce the delays to your customers.  This also helps in properly evaluating a new supplier before changing suppliers. By having these end to end relationships with suppliers and customers will provide a procedure to check consistency with respect to how and where orders are placed which in turn increases the chances of a faster payment of invoices or more favourable payment terms.

An advantage when you implement an ISO is that you will have the up to date knowledge on the regulations and legislation applicable to your business. You will review these periodically to ensure compliance which will reduce the risk of fines and penalties if you fail to comply with regulatory or legislative requirements. As well as financial loss failure may result in a loss of reputation, failing products/services, losing customers & suppliers.  

You will learn about your business more than you have ever done to before through the process of implementation and it will definitely improve your business or organisation helping in information gathering and decision making based on data for audits and process reviews. Businesses can be confident that clients are ISO Certificated as it ensures efficiency, consistency and dedication to providing a product or service ensuring customer satisfaction.

ISO Certification ensures that the best decisions are made for your business.

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