The Manufacturing Growth Programme

The Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) supports SME Manufacturers to make improvements by identifying, understanding and removing their barriers to growth. Through the programme, you could receive funding towards ISO Certification for manufacturing.

  • Support tailored to your business
  • A dedicated, experienced, Manufacturing Growth Manager to provide on-going support A comprehensive business diagnostic tool, GROWTHmapper for manufacturers
    • Identify opportunities and create plans for growth and improvement
    • Work with the best external experts to implement those plans
    • Using an average 35% of the cost of implementing an improvement project
  • Connect to wider support to maximise opportunities for growth

What MGP means for Manufacturing SMEs

If you are an SME manufacturer, the Manufacturing Growth Programme provides many advantages for you, including:

  • An independent business review to identify opportunities for business improvement and growth
  • A diagnostic tool specifically designed to help benchmark your business against internal aspiration and goals
  • A detailed action plan guiding you through the process of improving your business
  • On-going business support with a trusted and experienced Manufacturing Growth Manager
  • Access to grants to co-fund your improvement project
  • Guidance to access other support mechanisms and manufacturing themed workshops available from Summer 2019

How you can benefit

By joining the Manufacturing Growth Programme, you can benefit from:

  • Insight into the risks, issues, gaps and opportunities for your business, helping you better plan for the future
  • Understanding of what needs to be done to make improvements
  • Work with new expertise to make bring about real development
  • Trusted relationship with an experienced MGM
  • Reduced cost, helping you make the changes you need sooner

How do you get involved?

If you’re a manufacturing SME, we’d love to find out more about your business and discuss how we can support you to achieve your growth plans.

It’s free to find out more

I offer every business a free 30-minute consultation, please click or call to arrange the best time for you

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The Programme Detail – what you need to know about how it works and what the rules of engagement are

Who can apply?

To apply you must be:

  1. an SME as defined by the EU definition. This means your company or group of companies must have:
    1. Fewer than 250 employees
    2. A turnover less than or equal to €50 million OR
    3. A balance sheet total less than or equal to €43 million
  2. A manufacturer, defined as: “A business that engages in any economic activity directly related to a product or production process they have researched, designed or produced, or otherwise hold core intellectual property in.” If you are unsure if you meet this definition, please get in touch with your local Manufacturing Growth Manager.
  3. Able to demonstrate the intention to grow/improve – (through creation of increased turnover, increased jobs and/or introduction of new products/services/processes) Businesses operating mainly in the following sectors are unfortunately not eligible:
    1. fishery and aquaculture
    2. primary production, processing and marketing of agricultural products
    3. coal, steel and shipbuilding
    4. synthetic fibres


To be suitable for the Manufacturing Growth Programme you must be able to demonstrate an intention to grow/improve. This may be through the creation of increased turnover, increased jobs, improved productivity and/or the introduction of a new product, service or process.

How much grant can be claimed and what can it be used for?

The grant is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to support the cost of working with an external expert/coach of your choice to implement a pre-agreed Improvement project as detailed within your Action plan. Grant values are specific to each business application. Maximum project value of £10,000 with a minimum grant value of £1,000. Capital grants are available and will be considered for exceptional cases (subject to panel approval). The % of grant funding support is based on each individual business case and supported by the Category of Region (more developed region or transitional region) these are based on Local Authorities. The scope of support provided and action plan provided will be specific to each applicant’s growth needs and will be discussed in detail with their dedicated Manufacturing Growth Manager. It will typically cover:

  • Expert consulting, coaching input – to analyse, recommend and support implementation of a Improvement/action Plan
  • Associated other expenditure specifically related to achieving a Growth/ Improvement objective (eg small equipment, preparation for accreditation costs etc)
  • Referrals to other business support to maximise growth potential

Grant supported Improvement projects must be completed, paid and claimed for within 4 months of grant confirmation. SME beneficiaries are at liberty to select any consultant/coach of their choice, provided they can evidence and justify value for money in their selection.

Learn more and apply for the Manufacturing Growth Program.