ISO Certification for Manufacturing Powerhouses

Use ISO certification to become a manufacturing powerhouse, producing
products of a high standard, building a good reputation with your customers and
a powerful brand.

When manufacturing quality control slips, it can often affect hundreds of batches, costing you waste in materials as well as in revenue loss. Having a proper management system in place, an ISO certification standard, means your products will always adhere to quality over the cost of development. 

I can help you through the ISO Certification process, from choosing the right standard for your business to supporting you during the auditing phase. Monitoring your processes and setting targets for you and your employees creates a positive working environment by ensuring that you’re continually progressing. My proven methodology, and my experience in the manufacturing industry can save you months of time and effort while helping you create your own success story. 

I can also help you gain funding from the Manufacturing Growth Programme, to cover up to 35% of your certification costs. 

Why Manufacturers invest in ISO Certification 

  1. For improved product consistency- Achieving ISO certification can mitigate the risk of products failing. Improved consistency with production can also increase output and reduce waste and cost. 
  2. To gain new contracts – Many customers may require that their manufactures be ISO certified. Lack of ISO certification could mean that you lose out to your competitors when it comes to certain contracts. 
  3. For improved customer satisfaction- Producing products which consistently meet customer expectations generate positive word of mouth and potential new business.
  4. For strengthening your marketing value proposition – Using your ISO certification is a great way to promote your business and bring in new clients. 
  5. For Quality improvement- Introducing quality objectives and a set of formal targets through ISO gives you a better understanding of your business, exposes problem areas and enables you to focus on them. 
  6. For Improved business culture- Setting clear objectives with better tools, and better feedback improves your business culture and empowers your employees. The process of ISO certification and ISO auditing often results in a more focused management team and better overall employee performance.

Before you begin the process of ISO certification, it is important to decide which type of ISO is most suitable for your business. I can help you evaluate which type of ISO is most in line with your business’s goals. 

Most common ISO standards in Manufacturing

ISO9001– The internationally recognised standard in quality control. Demonstrate that your business is committed to consistently providing products and services that meet their customers’ needs. This standard ensures that the best processes are in place, increasing the efficiency and driving continual improvement within your business. 

ISO14001– Quantify, monitor and manage the ongoing environmental impact of your operations. Achieving this standard allows you to manage the use of natural resources, energy and waste, improving the image of your business and providing the opportunity for you to identify opportunities for cost savings.

ISO45001Map out a framework which your business can follow to set up an effective Occupational Health & Safety management system. Gaining ISO 45001 certification reduces the risk of accidents and breaches of legislation demonstrating that your business operates best practice to current and potential customers. 

ISO27001– This certification shows that as a business you have identified potential risks and assessed the implications, and put in place systemised controls to limit any damage to your organisation. By doing this, you reduce risks to your organisation and keep costs to a minimum. 

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Save up to 35%

SME Manufacturers can receive between £1,00 to £10,000 funding towards ISO certification with the Manufacturing Growth Program.

Grow With ISO

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The Manufacturing Growth Programme 

If you’re considering ISO certification but are worried about budget the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) can help. Supporting SME manufacturing businesses in their growth, the MGP provides you with a dedicated manufacturing growth manager. 

They will identify opportunities and work with the best external experts (like me) to implement plans to create growth and improvement.  They will also cover a percentage of the cost of implementing an improvement programme, taking some of the financial burden off your shoulders. 

Subsequently, I have focused (Douglas’) efforts at the whole raft of Compliance’s and Accreditation’s I need to run my enterprise. The list is extensive and all of which have been secured from scratch by Douglas’ attention to detail.

Chris Murray CBE
Vice President, Agility Defense & Government Services